The Mom Quiz: Tween Edition

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  2. The Mom Quiz: Tween Edition Euna Kwon Brossman
  3. Hey, Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Teen Mom You Are
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Like the mammal, you're loving and playful. They are the balance between tiger parents and jellyfish parents. A dolphin parents has rules and expectations but they also put value on children having a choice to maintain that balance. You value creativity and independence. By Emma Pietras. Gentle, chilled or fierce? Which kind of parent are you? Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Tiger Jellyfish Dolphin.

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Do My Parents Even Love Me? - ProProfs Quiz

More On Animals Education. News all Most Read Most Recent. Babies Baby who couldn't breathe when he was born suffered 40 seizures in four days Parents Laura O'Sullivan and Steven Griffiths, from Bangor, Wales, watched on helplessly as their son was put into a hypothermic state to reduce any possible brain damage.

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The Mom Quiz: Tween Edition Euna Kwon Brossman

I'm good with one. I don't care, I just know I want twins! I want two kids. Three kids would be ideal. I like even numbers and I want a big family, so six kids sounds good. I'd settle for four kids. Hell yes, I have a sleeve.

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Not right now, but I might get one eventually. I have a tattoo, but it is hidden. I got a tramp stamp when I was younger.

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I have a tattoo, but I regret getting it. I don't have a sleeve, but I do have several tats. One little side note. My stepson was raised by a helicopter mom. Very controlling and he never learned to do anything for himself. He is completely dependent on us. He has never worked in the real world. He married a woman just like his mom, a control freak and is hen-pecked to death.

I just hope they dont ruin their kids the same way he was ruined. Dont see how they wont but… time will tell…. I should add about the stair incident…. And so in conclusion…the toddler, when allowed to finally tackle the stairs alone, could not, and watched her father be emasculated right in front of her because of it! Kinda sad! Let her fall provided it not on glass. She has been judged and always comparing me and my daughter to her kids and other grand kids.

And this pissed me off lots. I did nothing wrong.

Hey, Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Teen Mom You Are

Thanks for letting me rant…. What an excellent post! I have seen ALOT of that! To think that is ok is barbaric! My dad lets me sink or swim under my own power, only stepping in when he feels that the proverbial warship of my life is taking on WAY too much water. My mother on the other hand, will range from a similar attitude, to being able to put the majority of helicopter pilots to shame with her hovering technique.

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She also constantly hovers over my use of technology, which has made any attempts at starting a YouTube channel, owning a smartphone, or just owning a computer that I can call my own, that no one else can touch, a right pain and uphill battle against relentless machine gun fire so far, I have only ever managed to own the computer, and even then, it broke soon afterwards. She has a hard time letting me do new things without her knowledge and approval, as well as supervision. She believes that if, even for a second, she stops hovering over my grades and schoolwork, I will fail everyone of my classes, which, while I might struggle a little, is honestly untrue.

And I know that there has been many discussions about children and technology, but at age 15, I should be allowed much more independence, so I can get used to it. I have recently received a flip phone, and while this is a start, I would like much more freedom, freedom to Snap my friend, or just listen to music without having to ask my mom if I can borrow her phone, thus feeling like a 4 year old. Helicopter parenting, at least for me, is frustrating because it means a lack of independence from my parent, and having to rely on them. Mom jumps in everytime i try to do something and blame me if not permission were asked… Fucking shit. I can exist without you!

Are you a boy mom or a girl mom?

Hi accidentally happened to read your article n was shocked to realise to what extent i am a helicoptering parent. But whn she reached college again seeing her struggling with studies forced to step in with help or else she will fail n her internals.. How can bring back the confidence in my teen kids…pls help. I have an 18 mo old. Observing is fine once in a while. Stepping in everytime they try something by themselves is toxic. Great article and great contributions too. I will work things out after realising am already exhibiting helicoptering towards my three year old.

Thank you. What a great article!

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As a mom of six, I started out as a helicopter mom in the making, but my wise husband helped me to realize that it was a going to handicap them. Then we had too many children to be able to hover over all of them. I just want to encourage all moms out there that it is much more rewarding to raise a kid that can take of themselves than it is to keep taking care of them. Take this advice and let them grow strong!